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Greetings and Salutations, I'm J.D. Thank you for visiting!


I am an actor based in NYC and also a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn and proud of it. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and have since worked in the theatre on Broadway,  Off-Broadway, Touring, and Regionally across Greater America. It has been a great boon to work with some of the finest directors, writers, and designers in the field, creating groundbreaking new works such as OCTET, MALVOLIO X OR BETTY SHABAZZ VS THE NATION,  BILLY STRAYHORN: SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR, MOBY DICK,  A CIVIL WAR CHRISTMAS, VENICE, and IPHIGENIA 2.0.

Theatre is, at it's highest, no less then the traffic of the Soul.

ON-CAMERA  I’ve shot roles both in L.A. and NYC on great shows like Godfather of Harlem,  Shameless, SVU, Madam Secretary, and Shades of Blue. In addition, I’ve lent my voice via ADR/Looping to a myriad of films and shows including Bel Air, Your Honor, The Americans, Instinct, Quantico, Boardwalk Empire, Blue Bloods The Deuce, Monster, Paterson, among many others. 

Check out the music page to listen to some of my vocal performances from a few musicals in addition to several  of my own compositions.

For a full list of credits, please download my Resumé

Journey on – always looking to collaborate

and make something great!

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